Lunch with Juji and Jay

Last Saturday my sister Juji and her boyfriend Jay came over. Juji and Jac planned to go cosmetics shopping while Jay and I just hung out and played on the Wii. :) But before the afternoon’s main activities took place, we sat down to a delicious lunch prepared by Jac. We’re so busy these days, we don’t often have people over for lunch; I think Jac was thrilled to have an excuse to cook up a storm.

Jac made coleslaw, which I always enjoy:


She made a big dish of butter corn – very easy to make, it’s just tinned corn kernels topped with butter and soy sauce; you zap it in the microwave so the butter melts and the corn is heated through. We got this idea from a meal we had at a Japanese restaurant sometime ago. It so easy and delicious – if you love corn and popcorn, you’ll love butter corn. Jay is not a corn fan, but even he didn’t mind the butter corn.

Butter corn

Jac also bought a pack of small bake-at-home bread rolls. I love having a freshly baked warm bread roll with lunch or dinner.


She also made oven-baked Cajun-spiced potato wedges. Jac was a bit annoyed with herself because although she did pre-cook the potatoes before finishing them off in the oven, some of the potato wedges were a little undercooked. The rest of us weren’t too fussed, as everything else was wonderful and we always appreciate her efforts and talents in the kitchen. Cooking mishaps from Jac are very rare, after all! :)

Potato wedges

My favourite part of the meal was the fried chicken – Jac used a box of “Kentucky” seasoning – there are a few different brands of “Kentucky” chicken seasoning available from our Asian supermarket; none of them taste like Kentucky Fried Chicken (not that we expected it would!), but the seasoning does create tasty crispy fried chicken. You can use chicken on the bone, but Jac likes to use chicken chunks so the result is something similar to KFC’s Popcorn Chicken – no bones to mess around with – just crispy, savoury nuggets of chicken that are very easy to eat… and keep eating! If you’re thinking it looks like a lot of chicken in the dish, you’re right – she cooked up a couple of kilos of chicken – yes, there were leftovers! I had leftovers for dinner, and I used some of the leftovers for our bento lunches on Monday (that post coming up soon).

Fried chicken

Here’s my plate. I enjoyed eating the chicken with tomato sauce; Jay and Juji dipped their chicken in Neil Perry aioli.

Fried chicken, potato wedges, coleslaw and butter corn

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