Monday bento – chicken dish, stir-fried lettuce, rice, tomatoes and fruit

For my bento lunch last Monday I packed myself leftover rice and my latest chicken dish with no name from my dinner the night before. I also quickly stir-fried myself some cos lettuce with garlic and soy sauce. I’ve always love stir-fried lettuce – Jac’s not keen on it as the lettuce does take on a slightly slimy texture when it’s cooked. I let the lettuce and garlic cool down before packing it in the lunch box, to avoid condensation issues. On top of the rice I placed two peeled raw baby carrots. I also packed myself two kinds of baby tomatoes – cherry tomatoes, and “golden” tomatoes, and fresh orange slices and a packet of mini sesame snaps.

My Monday bento

I really enjoyed this lunch. I took the tomatoes, orange and sesame snaps out of the lunch box and microwaved the chicken, vegetables and rice before tucking in.

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