A muffin for breakfast

I don’t usually buy muffins as 1) they’re easy to make and I enjoy baking my own muffins and 2) I have no way of knowing how much sugar’s been used in bought muffins (I suspect it’s often too much, as I usually find bought muffins much too sweet). When I bake muffins, I usually reduce the amount of sugar, and the result is much nicer (healthier, and less sickly). On this particular Monday though, I had a hankering for a bought muffin. Kind of like a junk food craving. I got to MYO just after 7am and the muffins were freshly baked and still warm from the oven. If you are going to buy a muffin, that’s the best way to do it!

Pineapple muffin from MYO

Just walking back to the office with my warm, fragrant muffin in a paper bag was pleasure in itself. Back at my desk, I really enjoyed the crusty, sweet muffin top. The texture of the inside wasn’t as good – a little on the doughy side. But my craving was satisfied.

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