Monday bento – sandwiches

I made us sandwich bentos for lunch last Monday. I used up the last of the barbecue chook and made mostly chicken sandwiches.

Our sandwich bentos

Left to right: kaya (coconut jam); curried chicken with mixed greens; chicken with mayo and mustard, barbecue chicken stuffing and lettuce; curried chicken with cucumber. You may notice I made the filling in the chicken sandwiches nice and thick. Jac and I both like a good, chunky sandwich.

Sandwiches close-up

To go with the sandwiches, I packed us a little salad (mixed greens, cucumber, mushrooms and homegrown cherry tomatoes) and a little fruit (red seedless grapes and strawberries).

Jac's Monday sandwich bento

Probably not one of my better notes. Sometimes I’m not very inspired early in the morning. :) This one was inspired by the drawings on the wrappers of Hungry Jack’s/Burger King Whoppers.

The note I wrote for Jac

As usual, I used extra greaseproof paper around the sandwiches to protect the lunch boxes from being stained by the bright yellow curry. The greaseproof also protects Jac’s note from sandwich filling.

Bento all ready to go

See this previous post for the curry chicken sandwich mix recipe.
The lunch boxes used are Decor Tellfresh Quarters, bought from Woolworths supermarket, at a cost of around AU$8.00-$9.00. Although they’re not as cute or beautiful as some of my Japanese bento boxes (plain old clear and white plastic isn’t particularly cute or beautiful!), they’re probably my favourite lunch box, as they fit a perfect amount of food for lunch.

Thanks for all your responses to my secret Santa post. And thank you to those of you who wrote me emails about secret Santa. It seems that there are more secret Santa haters (or tolerators, maybe sufferers, if hating’s not for you!) than lovers…so why is it done so much? As per Greenlady’s suggestion, maybe more of us just need to speak up and say we’re not into it, rather than silently suffer through it year after year. I think we’re all reluctant to say something and be the lone party pooper that others will blame for wrecking everything – but I think there are more people like you and me than we think!

Over here it’s two sleeps to Christmas.

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