Christmas 2008 – lunch

We had a late lunch with Jac’s family on Christmas day. It was close to 2pm by the time we sat down to eat, and I was ready again for another big meal.

The theme of the day was meat – lots and lots of meat – vegetarians, this is your warning of what’s ahead! We’re proud meat lovers, and big meat platter has become a much-loved feature of our Christmas meals. This year, we had roast lamb and roast pork, both cooked by Jac’s brother B in the barbecue with the lid closed; a roasted chicken cooked in a bag in the microwave (this may sound strange, but it was juicy as anything!); and of course, the turkey breast roast and turkey thigh roast, which Jac cooked the day before. I know it’s a lot of meat, but 1) we love having the choice of different meats, 2) it’s a special and decadent once-a-year occasion, and 3) the leftovers are not at all wasted – they’ll be eaten by family and friends over the next few days (it’s great having all this food ready to go during the lazy holiday time), or frozen and resurrected in meals later.

Here’s the lamb roast before carving.

Roast lamb

The lamb looked like it was overdone as it was more brown than pink, but when I tried some, I discovered it was tender and moist. And then I had some more. :)

Carving the roast lamb

The pork was also superbly tender. B really outdid himself! He’s quite the barbecued meats whisperer. :)

Carving the roast pork

The marinated stuffed roasted chicken came from Woolworths and was cooked in its bag in the microwave.

Chook in a bag

Once the bag was removed, the steaming hot plump chicken looked so appetising! I was surprised, and impressed with how juicy, moist and succulent the chicken was. B and K discovered the roast in the bag chicken while travelling around Australia in a caravan a couple of Christmases ago. Using the microwave was very convenient for our lunch this year as the oven was full – with the vegetables and turkey roasts.

Plump and juicy chicken

To warm the turkey roasts, K placed them in the oven still wrapped in foil, with a little water at the bottom of the tray. She warmed them up slowly so they’d be evenly heated all the way through and not overdone. I mentioned in my Christmas eve post that Jac drained off the drippings to baste the roasts with; she brought the last of the drippings along in a container so K could baste them again for extra glistening deliciousness. In the photo below, K is carving the turkey breast roast. In the foreground on the chopping board is a pile of pork crackling!

Slicing up the turkey breast roast (pork cracking in the foreground)

This dish of pork crackling was circulated around the table and enjoyed by all.

Pork crackling

Just watching K slice through the turkey thigh roast made my mouth water.

Slicing up the turkey thigh roast

This is the tastiest way to eat turkey.

Turkey thigh close-up

The turkey breast was remarkably moist for white meat. I really enjoyed it too.

Turkey breast close-up

Voila, the giant meat platter, waiting to be attacked from all directions.

Meat platter

Jac’s mum cooked the roasted root vegetables – carrot, onion, parsnip, pumpkin, potato and sweet potato.

Roasted vegetables

K made a potato bake too, which was nice and creamy.

Potato bake

We also enjoyed a delicious broccoli and cauliflower cheese.

Broccoli and cauliflower cheese

My plate, round one. There was cranberry sauce for the turkey, apple sauce for the pork, and of course, gravy, but I prefer non-fruit sauces with my meats and only had the gravy. I ate more vegies and turkey thigh after I got through this first lot.

My plate

The leftover meats, heaven to a meat-loving family and their friends!

Leftover meats

For sweets, we had a Christmas chocolate cake from Michel’s Patisserie.

Christmas chocolate cake

K had made these mini Christmas puddings too – they’re made from dark fruit cake, and topped with white chocolate and red and green glace cherries.

Mini Christmas puddings (homemade)

K presented the Christmas chocolate cake garnished with mini Christmas puddings.

Christmas chocolate cake and mini Christmas puddings

Christmas chocolate cake and mini Christmas puddings

We ate the chocolate cake with luscious brandy cream. I didn’t think the cake tasted particularly chocolatey, but with the thick chewy icing, it was very good (I loved the icing, and could’ve eaten all the icing off the cake, actually!). :) The fruity mini puddings were rich and delicious. I didn’t ask K where the recipe is from, but I found something that looks similar at Recipezaar.

Christmas chocolate cake, brandy cream and a mini Christmas pudding

While everyone contributed to the meal in some way, the honours must go to K – she was responsible for most of this fantastic feast and for bringing it all together on the day. My tummy and I’m sure many of my readers salute you! :-D

All my photos from Christmas (including eve, breakfast and lunch) may be viewed at my Christmas 2008 set at Flickr. As usual, only family can see the people photos.

It’s back to work for me tomorrow – booooo!

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