Friday night chicken rice takeaway

I had to attend a Christmas function after work a couple of Friday nights ago. While I was at the function, Jac ran a few errands and grabbed food from Spencer Village (Spencer Road Shopping Centre, Thornlie). This is what she bought for me – hainan chicken rice from Penang Cuisine. I ate it the next day with extra soy sauce and extra cucumber.

Hainan chicken rice

If you ever buy the chicken rice takeaway from Penang Cuisine and you want to have the chicken broth as well, make sure you specifically ask for it, otherwise they’ll just give you the box with the chicken rice and no soup on the side. They’ll charge you an extra 50 cents or so for the soup, but for the complete hainan chicken experience, it’s worth it :) (Jac did get me the soup as well, but I didn’t take a photo of it).

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