Lunch bar food

Last Saturday, Jac grabbed us lunch bar burgers for brunch.

I had a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, fried onions and barbecue sauce. I thought it was great that the beef pattie was the same size as the lightly toasted soft, chewy bun. It was a simple burger, but absolutely delicious.

Lunch bar burger with fried onions and barbecue sauce

Jac had the same, but with beetroot and lots of chewy melted cheese.

Lunch bar burger with fried onions and cheese

She also bought a rissole and a crumbed sausage for snacking whenever.

Rissole and crumbed sausage

The rissole was homemade by people who run the lunch bar, and it had lots of carrot and bits of chopped onion in it. I couldn’t resist, I had to try some. Well, I also knew this would allow me to take an innards shot for you guys. :)

Rissole innards

A number of you guys have asked for photos of the cats – well, here you go!

As we ate our food, Pixel did her little begging for food dance, mewing and placing her paws on Jac’s knee. We’re well aware that cats shouldn’t eat onions and garlic; Jac tore up a little rissole for Pixel, being careful to pick out any bits of onion, and giving her bits from the outside of the rissole. Pixel always wants to try our food. She loves to have a little fish when we eat fish and chips, she loves a little breast meat when we buy a barbecue chook. She always wants potato crisps and corn chips when we’re eating them, and if we don’t put the groceries away quickly enough, we often find her munching on lettuce or other green vegetables straight from the shopping bag. She’s quite partial to corn on the cob, and we once found her lapping up the water from a frying pan we’d left to soak after frying bacon in it (mmm, bacon water!). We make sure not to give her too much of our food, as we know it’s not always the best thing for her. Please don’t give me lectures about good nutrition for cats – I know what cats should and shouldn’t eat, and we don’t give her everything she asks for (parents let their kids have a treat every now and then, don’t they?:)). Most of the time, both of our cats eat Eukanuba.


We offered Billy Lee a little rissole so she wouldn’t feel left out, but she wasn’t interested at all. She was perfectly content to just sit with us and watch us eating. She’s a good girl! This is a typical Billy Lee “not impressed” face.

Billy Lee doesn't want any

As I sit in the lounge now typing this with my laptop on the coffee table, Jac is munching on Tasty Jacks Flame Grilled BBQ ridge cut chips, and Pixel’s doing her little dance again. She’s not getting any though! :) These are great chips, by the way – thickly cut and crisp, and finger-sucking good. But I still live in hope that Smiths will bring back the gravy chip.

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