Sunday afternoon at the shops

While we were out at the shops last Sunday, we bumped into my sister Juji and her boyfriend Jay. We all decided to grab a bite to eat together.

Juji and I each had a teriyaki chicken bento set (AU$13.90) from Nagano Sushi. It’s a really good feed with rice, chicken, prawns (one tempura and one on sushi) and lots of vegies – a nice combination of different textures. A cup of miso soup is also included. I especially love the moist, saucy teriyaki chicken, the tender cooked vegetables (carrot and cabbage) under the chicken soaking up the teriyaki sauce, and the crisp fresh tempura prawn and vegetables (see this previous post for more photos). You need to be pretty hungry though, to get through it all. :)

Teriyaki chicken bento

Jay and Jac got salads from Sumo Salad. Jay got his favourite – the grilled chicken caesar salad.

Chicken caesar salad

Jac tried the Vietnamese chicken salad. It includes roasted chicken, mixed lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, carrot and red onion, with vermicelli noodles and bean sprouts, flavoured with mint and coriander and a “traditional Asian dressing”, topped with crushed peanuts. I thought it was funny that on the docket under the “Vietnamese chicken” the dressing was listed as “Thai dressing”. Jac really enjoyed this salad and said she’d eat it again for sure.

Vietnamese chicken salad

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