Thursday bento – savoury mince, mashed potato, carrot sticks and dip

For Thursday’s lunches, I packed us leftover savoury mince and mashed potato. We were out of vegetables for making salad – apart from carrot, so I made carrot sticks and included light French onion mini dip (very good – doesn’t taste like it’s “light” – a few readers including Linda told me to look out for mini dips at the supermarket – thanks, guys!), and fresh orange slices.

Our Thursday bento lunches

I few of you have been asking whether I eat my lunches hot or cold – on this occasion, I removed the two compartments with the carrot sticks and dip and the fruit, and microwaved the rest. Hot savoury mince and mashed potato – yum.

Jac's Thursday bento lunch

Sometimes I don’t have a lot to say on the notes. The singing blue bird was inspired by my own humming as I packed our lunches. And as I’ve mentioned previously, Jac likes the weather forecast on her notes. :)

The note in Jac's Thursday bento

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