When you’re too lazy to make a cottage pie

When I got home on Wednesday night I could smell something delicious cooking. Jac had made savoury mince with mashed potato. She called it a cheat’s cottage pie – ‘cheat’ in the sense that she didn’t actually put the savoury mince in a dish, top it with mashed potato and then brown it in the oven like you would a cottage pie – she just served them together on the plate. This suited me just fine, as it meant I got to eat dinner sooner. :) The savoury mince was fantastic! She used beef mince, with carrots, green beans and cabbage. But the secret ingredient was a sachet of Continental “Hearty Dutch curry & rice” soup mix. I just couldn’t get enough of the delicious curry-flavoured mince.

Savoury mince with mashed potato

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