Tuesday work food – Japanese takeaway

Here’s a lunch from a few Tuesdays ago – it seems such a long time ago! J and I got takeaway from Jaws Mint (opposite the Perth Mint).

J got herself a 4-pack of sushi and chicken karaage with a little tub of mayo for dipping.

Sushi and chicken karaage with mayo

The 4-pack consisted of 4 different varieties of sushi – clockwise, from the top left: cooked tuna and mayo sushi, raw salmon and avocado, teriyaki chicken and cucumber, surimi (seafood extender) and avocado. Jaws sushi is delicious and far superior to the sushi from Sushi@Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth), the rice of which tends to be quite gluggy.

Sushi selection

I’d wanted to get chicken karaage for myself too, but J got the very last serve. She kindly shared it with me. The karaage was served cold, and so it wasn’t as crispy and juicy as it would’ve been if served hot and fresh. It was pretty good though, dipped in mayo.

Chicken karaage

I ordered a small teriyaki chicken and rice and a garden salad. The small teriyaki chicken is especially good value. You really do get a lot of chicken for $5.00.

Salad and small teriyaki chicken

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