Lunch at Mai’s with Cellobella

I recently had lunch with Cellobella at Mai’s Vietnamese restaurant (51 Bennett St, East Perth).

To start, we shared a serve of vegetable spring rolls. They arrived piping hot and crisp. It was a good thing the waiter brought along side plates for us to eat them with – they were much to hot to hold with our fingers for very long. But then, when the waiter brought our main dishes, she cleared our side plates away – even though I still had half a spring roll sitting on my plate. She just took it and left before I had a chance to stop her! I was not happy about that.

Vegetable spring rolls

Cellobella had the beef salad. She said it tasted very fresh, and she enjoyed it.

Vietnamese beef salad

I had curry chicken and rice. The chunks of carrot were the best part. They were wonderfully tender without being mushy, and tasted beautifully sweet. The curry was very mild but delicious. The curry gravy was quite thick and creamy – plate wipingly (or, if I wasn’t in a restaurant, plate-lickingly) tasty. I’d eat this again.

Chicken curry rice

It was a very pleasant lunch, apart from having my half spring roll whisked away from me (yeah, I’m still annoyed – I have an elephant’s memory about things like that). Cellobella is a delightful lunching companion, even when she’s stressing about Christmas dinner – looks like it turned out pretty well after all! :)

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