Birthday dinner – chicken, chips, salad and ice cream

Ever since being sick on new year’s eve, Jac’s been staying away from heavy meals, rich and fatty foods and red meat. We celebrated her birthday last week with lots of presents, a simple dinner at Nando’s and a nice walk afterwards. She didn’t want a cake, so I didn’t make one. :)

We shared a garden salad, which came with two dressings, the creamy trio of roasted bell peppers, and a vinaigrette.

Garden salad

Here’s the garden salad with the roasted bell pepper dressing. In the end, it just wasn’t enough dressing, and we added the vinaigrette as well.

Garden salad

I really felt like four BBQ thigh pieces with chips. Jac ordered the same, though she didn’t eat all of her chips (I couldn’t stop eating my chips and polished them off – they were fresh and crisp). I haven’t been disappointed yet by Nando’s BBQ chicken thighs. The chicken is always tender and juicy, and the BBQ marinade is unbelievably finger-suckingly, plate wipingly (with the chips, in this case!) good.

Nando's 4 BBQ chicken thighs with chips

After Nando’s, we ventured into Carousel shopping centre to Gelare, where Jac enjoyed two scoops – Swiss chocolate caramel ice cream and blueberry cheesecake yoghurt. Jac liked the Swiss chocolate caramel but thought the blueberry cheesecake was fantastic.

Two scoops of ice cream from Gelare

An update on Jac:
It turns out she has a small (2-3 mm) inguinal hernia. She is scheduled to meet with a surgeon in March; there’s no urgent need to operate immediately as her pain is minimal at this stage, but yes, looks like she’s going to have more surgery this year. Apparently the inguinal hernia is more common in men than women, and lots of people actually have these hernias and never even realise (I thought that was quite interesting). The radiologist who did her ultrasound told her in the meantime she can still play hockey and do all her normal activities. I’ll let you guys know how it all turns out. I guess this means there’ll be more hospital food photos. :)

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