Tuesday bento – chicken and vegetable patties

Sorry guys, Jac was still not in a bento place so I didn’t pack her any lunches this past week. She did, however, make me some mini chicken and vegetable patties for my bento. She used most of the chicken mince to make our curried chicken mince and vegetables dinner, but set aside a batch for patties.

I packed chicken and vegetable patties on rice with a strawberry-shaped container filled with chilli jam, then searched the kitchen for inspiration to fill the rest of the space in my lunch box. I chopped up some green beans and blanched them, then mixed them with roasted sweet potato cubes. I then sliced up a little lettuce and a handful of mushrooms, then stir-fried them with oyster sauce.

Chicken and vegetable patties, on rice stir-fried lettuce and mushrooms, blanched green beans with sweet potato

This was a lunch I ate hot – and I really enjoyed it.

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