Crispy chicken noodles dry style – guilty!

This was such an unhealthy lunch! J and I have been craving this dish from Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth) for sometime. We’d actually gone to Munch in the week after Christmas with a craving for these noodles with crispy fried chicken and were devasted (OK OK, maybe that’s overdramatic – maybe I should say “somewhat disappointed”:)) to find the place closed. Not that we’d begrudge the Munch people their holiday time – it was our intense craving for those saucy springy thin noodles and that ultra-crispy fatty chicken that made us grumble. Heh.

And so, a little more than a week later, here we were. Can you see the layer of fat (white fat, not the skin, which of course is golden-brown fat) in a couple of those pieces of chicken? This dish isn’t on the menu. If you want to order it, ask for “crispy chicken noodles, dry style”. It’ll cost you AU$7.80 or thereabouts.

Crispy chicken noodles dry style

The menu says “Munch your way to happiness”. For the time we sat there crunching and slurping and smacking our lips, we were definitely happy. :) But yes, sanity prevailed and greasy remorse set in afterwards. Oh well. It was worth it.

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