Dinner and bento – chicken escalopes

The dinner

This was a very simple but wonderfully delicious dinner. Jac made chicken escalopes – she used a meat mallet and pounded skinless boneless chicken thighs until they were quite flat. She seasoned them well with salt and black pepper, then panfried them. She served the chicken with steamed broccolini and asparagus and corn on the cob.

Chicken escalopes, broccolini, corn on the cob

The chicken was fantastically moist. I love the flavour of salt and pepper chicken. The sweet corn kernels popped and the green vegetables were firm and tender.

Chicken escalopes close-up

The bento

For my work lunch the next day, I lined my lunch box with mixed lettuce leaves, then placed two chicken escalopes on top, together with a hard-boiled egg, steamed broccolini and asparagus, fresh mushrooms and grape tomatoes. There was one corn on the cob left. Rather than pack it separately (it wouldn’t fit into the lunch box), I packed the corn kernels minus the cob – I ran a knife along the corn and cut them off. In the little yellow chick bottle (from my Lunch Animal Sauce Dispenser Set bought from JBox) was soy sauce to go with the boiled egg. I love hard-boiled egg with soy sauce and pepper – I have mini salt and pepper grinders in my desk drawer at work to save me having to pack those seasonings in my lunch boxes.

Bento - chicken escalopes, vegetables, salad and hard-boiled egg

I ate this lunch cold, without cutlery, and enjoyed every single bite.

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