Swordfish with lemon myrtle, coleslaw and salad

On a recent Sunday night, we had panfried swordfish steaks with coleslaw with mixed lettuce and grape tomatoes. I took this opportunity to try out the lemon myrtle dressing we got for Christmas – I’d never tried lemon myrtle before. It was yummy! Surprisingly tangy and really quite delicious! Jac loved it too. It went very well with the fish and the salad (I’m pretty sure Jac used the lemon myrtle as a salad dressing as well as a sauce for the fish).

Swordfish with lemon myrtle sauce, coleslaw and salad

I love eating fish like this – the flesh is so firm and meaty, yet sweet and juicy. I usually devour the flesh and the skin, just leaving the bones behind.

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