Dinner and bento – mini savoury rolls and salad

The dinner

A couple of Thursday nights ago, Jac bought a box of Darshan mini savoury rolls for our dinner. We’ve eaten the Darshan chicken rolls before, and really like them. Jac thought these could go well with salad, and I could take any leftovers to work for lunch the next day. The mini savoury roll party pack contained six of each type of savoury rolls – beef, chicken and vegetable.

Mini savoury rolls and salad

Left to right: beef (2), vegetable (2) and chicken (2).

Mini savoury rolls close-up

They’re slightly crunchy on the outside, thanks to the crumbed coating, but overall, I’d describe them as chewy. The light curry flavoured fillings are pretty tasty, though I think there should be more filling in the rolls. The meat rolls have either lean beef mince or chicken mince in them, while the vegetable rolls have potato, carrot and peas (as far as I could see).

Mini savoury roll innards

The bento

And so for my work lunch the next day, I packed mini savoury rolls and lots of salad – mixed greens, carrot, mushrooms, grape tomatoes and blanched green beans. I also included a few semi-dried tomatoes, and some tasty cheddar cheese. I ate all of this lunch cold. It is strange how as I’ve grown to like eating many things cold – things that I’d have insisted on eating hot only once upon a time.

Bento: mini savoury rolls and salad

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