Friday night dinner at Spencer Village

At Spencer Village (Spencer Road Shopping Centre, Thornlie) recently, Jac had a teriyaki fish salad from the Japanese stall. It’s very nice, but a very small meal indeed. I knew she’d need something else…

Teriyaki fish salad

I had been craving chee cheong fun (fresh rice flour roll) and yong tow foo (stuffed beancurd and vegetables) from Fook Kee. Both are small-sized meals, so I ordered both. I figured Jac would probably want to eat some too (I was right!). :)

Chee cheong fun and yong tow foo

Chee cheong fun

Yong tow foo

After we’d both finished, we were still peckish, so Jac went back to Fook Kee and ordered a bowl of pork and century egg porridge (a bargain at AU$2.50 a bowl). I’m not a big fan of eating the century egg directly – it tastes too strongly of the stinky egg – but I am quite happy to eat rice porridge that’s been cooked with it. This was so tasty. Jac ate the egg morsels scattered throughout the porridge, and we both enjoyed the dish.

Pork and century egg porridge

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