Saturday lunch at Han’s

It was Jac’s birthday on the 13th (it was a quiet one this year, more in a post still to come); I went shopping on my own on the weekend before to buy her birthday presents. I started shopping around 10:30am; by the time I thought to come up for air and have something to eat, it was almost 1 o’clock, and the food court was very busy, with barely any spare seats available. I decided to skip the food court entirely and eat at Han’s instead. I haven’t eaten at a Han’s since I stopped working in Subiaco.

I felt compelled to order one of my old favourites, Han’s stir-fried noodle. The Han’s at Subiaco’s version of this dish is saucier (which makes it yummier, in my opinion), but this plate of noodles was still very tasty – firm, slurpable noodles with a lovely charry flavour, and plenty of sliced barbecue pork and prawns (I counted five bursty small prawns). There were only two slices of fish cake and one squid ring in the mix, but I wasn’t too fussed. The cucumber used to garnish the dish tasted a little old and dry, but again, I didn’t care that much, as the rest of the dish was very good.

Han's stir-fried noodle

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