Dinner and bento – Nile perch and salad

The dinner

Jac panfried Nile perch fillets and served them with salad.

Nile perch and salad

She bought the fish fillets frozen; they turned out lovely. This is another one of the meaty, white-fleshed fish I enjoy so much.

Nile perch close-up

The bento

I woke on Monday morning to rumbling thunder and flashing lightning. I think a loud thunder crash woke Pixel and I at the same time; I sat up in bed, and we just looked at each other. Jac was sleeping soundly, and Billy Lee watched us through the open door, from her favourite spot on the carpet, across the hallway.

The Nile perch filets were actually quite large, and Jac had cut them in half, cooking two pieces simply seasoned with lemon pepper for our dinner, and the other two pieces rubbed with all seasoning for our bento. I packed us fish, salad and fruit for lunch.

Our bento lunches

The salad consisted of baby carrots, sugar snap peas, yellow capsicum, mushrooms aand cherry tomatoes. I placed the fish on a bed of lettuce. The dark red grapes were seedless, of course. the strawberries turned out to be too sour for my liking. I couldn’t help but make a sour face when I ate them. In the little birdy container there was lemon myrtle dressing to go with the fish.

My bento lunch

Jac’s lemon myrtle dressing was in the orange tulip container. It has a ladybird on it, which I actually felt a little icky about, as it’s like putting a bug in your lunch. :)

Jac's bento lunch

The little bird and tulip containers come from a set of four sauce containers I bought from JBox.
They’re Ciao! Colorful Animal & Fruit Mayonnaise Cups.

This is the note I placed in Jac’s lunch box, enclosed in a little greaseproof paper. Funny thing is, she said she had no idea of the thunder and lightning until she read the note – she’d slept through the whole storm – by the time she woke up, it was over!

Bento note for Jac

As I munched on my fish and salad, my workmate J dug into a box of creamy bacon and mushroom bow-shaped pasta she’d bought from 88 Royal lunch bar. It smelled very good to me. She said it was very tasty, but much too oniony.

's creamy bacon and mushroom pasta

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