Early morning cooking

On the Friday morning of the week before Christmas, I toasted myself a bagel for breakfast. I spread butter and kaya on it. Mmmm… I just love biting into a warm chewy bagel.

Kaya on a toasted bagel

As I munched on my bagel, Jac assembled platters for her work Christmas party. She volunteered to be in charge of the catering this year. The first platter consisted of cold meats – barbecue chicken, salami and roast beef. As one of Jac’s workmates is Muslim, she bought the salami and roast beef from the new halal butcher at Carousel shopping centre (it’s next to Woolworths, where Lenards Chicken used to be).

Cold BBQ chicken, roast beef and salami

The second platter consisted of vegetables, with beetroot tzatziki dip in the centre, all arranged on a bed baby cos lettuce leaves.

Vegetables and dip platter

She did prepare other food for the party, but after I finished the last crumbs of my bagel, it was time for me to go to work, so I didn’t get to see it. Oh well. :)

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