Midweek roast pork dinner

When I got home last Wednesday night, I smelled something wonderful cooking. “We’re having roast pork and vegies,” Jac told me. Fantastic!

Here’s the chunk of roasted pork, resting before Jac carved it.

Roast pork resting

She roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut pumpkin and carrot.

Roasted vegetables

Here’s the roast pork after Jac carved off slices for dinner. She ate mostly roasted vegetables and no crackling. I ate everything – pork, vegies, and well, yes, quite a bit of crackling.

Roast pork after being sliced

Here’s my plate. Jac offered to make gravy, but I was quite happy to eat my roast just as it was. She’d also cooked cabbage and peas, yum.

Roast pork, crackling and vegetables

It’s a good thing I don’t have crackling put in front of me very often, as I have a big, big appetite for it.

Roast pork and crackling close-up

I took a big roast dinner to work for lunch the next day, and Jac froze the rest of the pork.

Roast pork and vegetables for work lunch

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