Dinner and bento – Japanese takeaway

I’m still posting meals from before Jac went away!

The dinner

Jac grabbed us takeaway Japanese for dinner from the International Food Hall in East Victoria Park.

Jac got herself a large serve of grilled unagi (eel) and rice.

Large eel (unagi) and rice

She got me a large teriyaki chicken and rice. It was a glorious sight for a chicken lover’s eyes! Both hot dishes came with miso soup too.

Large teriyaki chicken and rice

Jac also got herself salmon sashimi and salad.

Salmon sashimi and salad

She got us a large salad too, to share.

Large salad

And just in case we didn’t have enough food, the Japanese stall gave us free sushi, apparently because we’d spent over a certain amount! It was assorted vegetarian sushi – left to right: egg and avocado, carrot and cucumber, California roll.

Vegetarian sushi

We ate the hot food and the large salad. Jac decided she’d leave her salmon sashimi for work the next day. I only got through about half my teriyaki chicken. Teriyaki chicken and sushi rolls for lunch the next day for me!

The bento

No surprises, then. Jac took her salmon sashimi and salad to work the next day. I packed myself a bento consisting of my leftover teriyaki chicken and rice, four pieces of vegetarian sushi, a hard-boiled egg and two packets of soy sauce. I was really looking forward to eating that that tender chicken with the last of the salty, teriyaki sauce-soaked rice. Regular readers will know I’m not a fan of California roll mainly because I don’t like the seafood extender they tend to use in it. I did eat the seafood extender on this occasion… but yeah, still not fond of it. At lunch time, I took the sushi compartments out of the lunch box and just microwaved the teriyaki chicken and rice. Then workmate J and I found ourselves a patch of grass to sit on and ate lunch outside in the sunshine.

Bento: teriyaki chicken, sushi and hard-boiled egg

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