Lunch at Basil Leaves

My workmate J and I had lunch at Basil Leaves (82 Royal St, East Perth) for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We’d both had a crappy morning – no better way to describe it – and really wanted a tasty lunch away from the office.

We shared a serve of stuffed chicken wings (AU$6.50 – I think) as a starter.

Stuffed chicken wings

The wings were stuffed to plumpness with minced pork, herbs and vermicelli, and fried to a crisp goldenness. They were yummy, but served finger-burningly hot and were very difficult to eat. I’m not complaining, just saying. :)

Stuffed chicken wing close-up

Our main courses ($10.50 each, lunch specials) arrived about five minutes after the wings. J ordered the green curry chicken with rice. As you can see, I was still struggling to eat my hot chicken wing.

Curry and rice

The curry was delicious, one of the nicest I’ve tasted in a while (J urged me to try it, and of course I didn’t say no). In the gravy was chicken, bamboo shoots, snow peas, capsicum, broccoli and potato.

Green curry chicken close-up

I ordered the ginger chicken and rice. There could definitely have been more chicken; I would’ve liked bigger pieces or strips of chicken. But I loved the julienned ginger, the crisp broccoli and sliced fried onion. I ate every single strip of ginger and was in heaven as I did so. This is definitely a dish for ginger enthusiasts.

Ginger chicken and rice

Thumbs up for lunch at Basil Leaves – we’ll be back again very soon.

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