Dinner and bento – stir-fry and fried rice


For one of my dinners while Jac was away, I stir-fried chicken, baby corn, mushrooms, bok choy and green beans with lots of garlic. I would’ve loved some tofu in there as well (or maybe even tofu instead of chicken), but didn’t have time to go to the shops to buy some. Oh well, next time.

Stir-fry with chicken, green vegetables, mushroom and baby corn

I ate a big serve of the stir-fry with freshly cooked rice. The mushrooms were nice and squeaky, the bok choy stems and green beans still crisp. I chopped some of the garlic finely, but left most of it in discernible shards – I love cooked garlic that you can really bite into, chew and taste. I’m sure I’ve said many a time how much I enjoy the simple meals I cook for myself. :)

Stir-fry with chicken, green vegetables, mushroom and baby corn


For my bento the next day, I had leftovers: chicken and vegetable stir-fry and fried rice from the day before. Underneath the stir-fry, I packed plain rice. At lunch time, when I removed the compartment of red grapes from the lunch box and zapped the rest in the microwave, the juices from the stir-fry had soaked into the white rice, making it extra yummy.

Leftovers bento

Jac got home very early on Tuesday morning. I’ve been very busy working on something important – details to come. Replies to comments and emails will be coming soon too.

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