Bento – SPAM fried rice, salad and grapes

After my SPAM and egg and baked beans and corn with rice dinner, I cooked up a batch of fried rice for my next day’s bento lunch.

I fried up cubes of SPAM until they had crispy edges, and added chopped green beans and garlic to the SPAM in the wok. I threw the corn and rice into the wok next, then oyster sauce for flavour. Last of all, I broke an egg into the mixture and stirred it through until cooked. I love this dish – it’s simple to cook and very tasty hot or cold, perfect for a lunch box or picnic.

Close-up of SPAM fried rice

I made myself a small salad of lettuce, snow peas, mushrooms and the largest baby roma tomatoes I’ve seen in a long time. I also packed myself seedless red grapes and a pack of mini sesame snaps.

Fried rice, salad and fruit bento

Packing bento lunches the night before is a real time saver. Of course, certain things are much better made fresh in the morning, like sandwiches.

A bit of a hiccup with Jac’s homecoming. She’s not going to be home tonight. I’ll tell you more about it soon (don’t worry, everything is OK).

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