Dinner at Sapporo

We had recently had dinner at Sapporo (186 Rutland Avenue, Carlisle). We’ve eaten at this tiny restaurant run by a little old couple (he cooks, she serves) many times now. It’s simple, homestyle delicious cooking.

We ordered prawn dumplings, called “shu mai” on the menu. They came with a big blob of wasabi and a dish of soy sauce for dipping. The dumplings were filled with minced prawn meat and smelled too fishy for me. I just had one, and left the rest to Jac.

Shu mai (dumplings filled with minced prawn)

I had my current favourite dish from Sapporo, the chicken and vegetable stir-fry, with a large serve of rice. There was even a little zucchini in there this time. Jac ate some of my stir-fry too. The stir-fry sauce is so deliciously, irresistibly, intoxicatingly* drinkable – Jac usually finishes eating before me and sits and watches as I drink every last drop of sauce down. :)

Chicken and vegetable stir-fry

Jac ordered the sashimi plate, with tuna, salmon and mackerel (we think). She really enjoyed this, and polished it all off. She knows when she orders sashimi it’s 100% all hers – I’ve never liked the taste nor the texture of raw fish.

Sashimi plate

I didn’t write the prices down, but it all came to AU$35.00. This was a really good dinner – delicious and satisfying without being too heavy.

*Not in the getting drunk sense. As in – not me getting drunk. The sauce was getting drunk though… by me. :)

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