Lunch bar lunches

J and I got lunch from 88 Royal lunch bar (88a Royal St, East Perth) a couple of Fridays ago and ate it sitting under a tree, on a grassy hill by the water behind the shops.

She got her favourite, a chicken strip roll. Her favourite used to be the chicken schnitzel burger, which I’m quite fond of, but she now loves this instead.

Chicken strip roll

I’ve been craving a hamburger for a couple of weeks now, so I had one of 88 Royal’s hamburgers with the lot. In a standard hamburger, you get the tasty homemade beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and bacon, with the sauce of your choice. When you order a burger with the lot, you get an egg as well. As you can see in the photo, I asked for tomato sauce. And I got a lot of sauce. It was a very messy burger to eat. After the first big bite, my chin and the corners of my mouth were smeared with tomato sauce and gooey egg yolk. Luckily, I had a feeling this would happen, and I’d grabbed a couple of extra napkins on the way out. Boy, did I need them!

Burger with the lot

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