Bento – panfried mushrooms, salad and hard-boiled egg sandwiches… and Twitter

I forgot to defrost some meat to cook for protein for my bento (I’d intended to get some chicken out of the freezer but simply forgot), so I boiled an egg and panfried some mushrooms. I packed a small lunch with the intention of supplementing with a cup of soup or something.

I used one of my Shinzi Katoh bento boxes. The salad was very simple – mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and panfried mushrooms. I made a hard-boiled egg and cucumber sandwich on multigrain bread.

Salad with panfried mushrooms and hard-boiled egg sandwiches

I added Kewpie mayonnaise and a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard to the mashed hard-boiled egg. I’ve made this egg mix before, and it tastes good, but this tasted really, really REALLY good. I’m not sure why! I held the sandwiches together with a giraffe food pick.

Salad with panfried mushrooms and hard-boiled egg sandwiches

This lunch box has a domed lid. The top section is designed for holding rice balls. It’s perfect for sandwiches, as you can see.

The lid goes on

Bento lunch ready to go

So how’s this for happy coincidences? My workmate J asked if I’d brought lunch that day, to which I replied, “Yes, but it’s small, and I’m going to get a little something extra to supplement.” She said, “Well, my friend A gave me this huge container of pasta salad she made, and you’re welcome to have some if you like.” How cool was that? I love pasta salad, and this one was fantastic, with rigatoni, broccoli, fresh basil leaves and bacon!

Pasta salad with bacon, broccoli and basil

Thanks, A. Your pasta salad made my day. I think in the end about four of us ate the pasta salad, and thought it was absolutely delicious. My boss was especially impressed. You should have heard our happy eating noises. :)

Pasta salad and bento

About the bento gear
I bought the Shinzi Katoh domed bento box from ILoveObento. There’s a range of different designs, all really cute.
The giraffe food pick is from a set of 10 Animal Friends Picks, from JBox.

Now Twittering
Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed I’ve joined Twitter. Still experimenting at this stage, but feel free to follow me (see the RHS column under the Welcome menu on my blog’s home page). I may use it for sharing random thoughts during the day as well as alerting followers to blog updates. Having a few issues with my site and Internet Explorer, but hopefully more and more people are using other browsers by now (I recommend Firefox, if you’re open to suggestions)…

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