Chinese home delivery for…how many?

It’s probably not a good idea to order Chinese home delivery when you are feeling really really REALLY hungry*. Because this is what happens! Don’t worry, I didn’t get through all of it on my own in one sitting! I’ve done this before when Jac’s been away – I bought a stack of home delivery and feasted on it for days. I know it’s not the healthiest thing to do, but I don’t do it often, honest! Heheheheh. :)

Chinese home delivery

Let me tell you what the dishes were…

Vegetable omelette.

Vegetable omelette

Kailan with oyster sauce.

Kailan with oyster sauce

Ma po tofu (Szechuan spicy tofu cooked with chicken mince and straw mushrooms with lots of chilli).

Ma po tofu

Special fried rice.

Special fried rice

Sizzling chicken with ginger and shallots. Jac isn’t a big fan of ginger, so I tend to order this when she is away.

Sizzling chicken with ginger and shallots

Garlic king prawns, with vegetables.

Garlic king prawns

My plate, round one. I usually reach a point when Jac is away, when I get really lazy and can’t be bothered cooking dinner in the evening. I’ve been working on a couple of things that have kept me very busy after work and somewhat sleep-deprived for the past couple of weeks. Shortcuts like this make things a little easier.

My plate

I must admit, I almost didn’t post this – it is embarrassing how much food I ordered with just me to eat it. But the food looked too good – I had to post the photos. The urge to blog wins over the shame factor every time.

*Similar to the phenomenon of going shopping when you are hungry. Big mistake!

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