Breakfast at Shots

I met up with L for breakfast on a recent Thursday morning before work. L used to work with me, but now has another job with a different organisation. She looked very well, relaxed and happy. I think her job change has been very good for her. We went to Shots Espresso Cafe (528 Hay St, Perth). I’ve been there before with my other ex-workmate Chad, and L and Chad met up at Shots a couple of weeks ago.

We both ordered from the specials menu. L ordered the bircher muesli. I’m not a fan of muesli, but this looked very hearty indeed, with yoghurt, berries and flaked almonds.

Bircher muesli

I was torn between two of the specials: honey glazed ham, roasted roma tomatoes, brie cheese and rocket served on toast; and poached eggs, fried chorizo and rocket on toast. In the end, honey glazed ham and roasted roma tomatoes sounded just too good to resist. I really enjoyed this. The brie melted down onto the ham so it was like a fancy cheese and ham toastie, and the tomatoes were sweet and soft, but not so soft they fell apart when knifed and forked. :) I’m not usually a big fan of balsamic vinegar, but the light drizzle over the top went beautifully well with the rocket and tomatoes.

Honey glazed ham, roasted roma tomatoes and brie on toast

It was great catching up with L, and after my big breakfast, I was still very full at my usual lunching hour. I grabbed a later-than-usual takeaway lunch. This cooked tuna pasta salad (AU$6.20) from Sushi@Royal (Shop 2, 131 Royal St, East Perth) is so perfect for a light savoury lunch. I poured the garlicky soy dressing over the top and then took this photo.

Tuna pasta salad

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