Breakfast at Etro

For the second day in a row, I went out to breakfast with a friend. This time, I met up with my friend Chad at Etro (49 King St, Perth). I’ve enjoyed a rather large fry-up here previously. Etro’s a good place for breakfast before work as it opens at 7am. Not enough places open early enough for us busy earlybirds, who can only squeeze in our get-togethers before the day begins. :)

Chad ordered the eggs benedict, with the hollandaise sauce on the side. She enjoyed the dish, but I think two toasted English muffins were a bit too much.

Eggs benedict with the sauce on the side

I ordered the french toast, which is served with maple syrup. So why am I showing you this plate of bacon? Haha, those of you who know the eating habits of TFP will know how much I love bacon with maple syrup. This was my side order of bacon to go with my french toast and maple syrup. :-D

A side order of bacon

I made some room on the plate and piled the bacon on, so I could enjoy my feast all on the same plate. Before digging in, I poured the maple syrup all over the bread and the bacon.

French toast with maple syrup and bacon

The french toast was lovely. Lightly dusted in cinnamon and caramelised to golden-brown perfection, the bread itself was soft and eggy without being too soggy.

French toast close-up

My favourite way to eat bacon is probably with maple syrup. Add sweet eggy French toast, and it’s just heaven. Why can’t bacon and maple syrup be ‘every day’ foods? Or even ‘every week’ foods? I didn’t lick the plate, but used the French toast tto mop up all the dregs of syrup. And I may have also wiped the plate ‘clean’ with a finger or two. Finger-sucking good.

Bacon and French toast with maple syrup

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