Cloud cakes and noodles

My workmate R brought in a batch of cloud cakes for everyone to enjoy.

Cloud cakes

I didn’t actually have one myself, so I can’t tell you what they were like. But the rest of the team loved them, and they were all eaten by the end of the day. I know the ‘clouds’ were meringue. Maybe if workmate J is reading this (I know workmate J reads this blog), you can describe what they were like?

Cloud cakes

This was takeaway lunch from Basil Leaves – Singapore fried noodles* Not bad, but I’ve had tastier versions.

Singapore fried noodles

*Yes, I know there is no such dish called “Singapore noodles” in Singapore. In Perth “Singapore noodles” is usually stir-fried thin rice noodles (bee hoon), often flavoured with curry powder. Basil Leaves’ version wasn’t curry flavoured.

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