Meat and salad, two ways

The first photo is of my workmate B’s lunch – there he sat at his desk, with a sausage roll, Greek salad and pasta salad on a plate in front of him. But something was missing. “I wish I had some tomato sauce,” he said. Guess who happens to keep a bottle of tomato sauce in her shelf, just for moments like this? :) I was happy to offer B as much tomato sauce as he liked. “Would you like to photograph my lunch?” he asked. Seemed like a fair exchange to me!

Sausage roll and sauce, greek and pasta salads

The second photo in this post is of a simple BBQ chicken and salad dinner Jac assembled for us. The chicken’s a supermarket BBQ chook, and of course, it’s the thigh and leg, the chicken pieces I always choose first. The chickpeas in the little dish were from a tin – masala chickpeas – Jac was experimenting. They weren’t a success in this case, but the rest of the dish – the chicken and salad – was delicious.

Chicken and salad with Indian masala chickpeas (tinned)

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