Three curries in a row

Without planning to, I had curry three days in a row!

The night before
Jac made a Thai green curry with fish, eggplant, zucchini and peas. She didn’t cook the fish in the curry; she panfried a couple of fish fillets, placed the fish on top of the rice, and spooned the curry over the top. It was lovely!

Green curry fish with zucchini and eggplant

The next day
A takeaway lunch of Thai-style red chicken curry and rice from 88 Royal lunch bar (88a Royal St, East Perth). The chicken and chunks of potato were tender and tasty. I asked for extra gravy on the rice, too.

Red chicken curry from 88 Royal lunch bar

And the day after that
A curry combo from the IGA supermarket curry bar ((Shop 2, 81 Royal St, East Perth) – I had a one meat and two veg combo (AU$8.90 from memory, and a dollar more gets you a second meat dish) – butter chicken, potatoes, and eggplant curry, on chicken biryani rice. It doesn’t look that great once it’s all been squished into a takeaway container, but trust me – it smells amazing and tastes even better!

Two meat curry combo from IGA

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