Scrambled eggs on multigrain toast and the foods we miss

Looks like my old trick of starting a post about something and finishing with something else!

Jac had an appointment with the doctor one morning recently and decided she’d have breakfast with me before dropping me off at work. We went to Ba Ba Black (Shop 25, 60 Royal St, East Perth – next to The Royal pub). She wanted a simple, light breakfast and just had Vegemite on toast. No photo, I’m afraid – she got stuck into it before I even had a chance to switch on the camera. Another time, perhaps!

I felt like a fairly simple breakfast too – so I ordered scrambled eggs on toast. I really like Ba Ba Black’s toast – the bread is nice and thick, and it’s still quite chewy. Regular readers will know very well that I prefer chewy toast to crispy, brittle or crumbly toast. My scrambled eggs were more well done than previously – see the photos from my first breakfast at Ba Ba Black for a comparison. These scrambled eggs reminded me of McDonald’s Big Breakfast scrambled eggs, which I still miss dearly – see these old posts: RIP, McDonald’s Big Breakfast and Soft, rubbery, crispy, spongey… delicious. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the demise of the McDonald’s Big Breakfast, or the dark meat McNuggets! Over the years, I got very good at picking the dark meat McNuggets out of the batch without needing to bite into them first. It was usually a race between my brother and me to get the dark meat ones first. He loved eating them with lashings of sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Scrambled eggs on multigrain toast

And while we’re reminiscing, I discovered Once Upon a Win: Epic wins from we were kids this weekend – I spent a good while reading all the posts. So many memories! Sticking with the food theme, who remembers these?
Warheads – I wasn’t into these, but they were all the rage when I was in school.
Planters Cheez Balls – so moreish!

Besides the Big Breakfast and dark meat McNuggets, I miss the sweeter, non-sesame seeded, round-topped but mostly squarish buns you used to get at KFC in a Dinner Box (two pieces of chicken, potato and gravy and a bun). And up until a number of years ago, I thought Space Food Sticks weren’t available any more – until my sister Juji told me you can still buy them from Woolworths! I don’t eat them very often, but I really like them. Something else I miss, not because it’s not available any more, but because I don’t buy it any more as it’s just loaded in sugar – Kelloggs Frosties. I love Frosties! I love how the milk that’s left at the bottom of the bowl has been sweetened by all the sugar frosting from the cornflakes. I don’t buy these any more as I get terribly TERRIBLY addicted to them – haven’t eaten them for maybe 15 or so years! As you can see, the things I miss are all junk food-related or not particularly nutritious! If I think of any more, I’ll add to my list.

So here’s today’s discussion topic: what food item(s) do you really miss?

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