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Jac recently met me for lunch. We ate at Sushi@Royal (Shop 2, 131 Royal St, East Perth). I had Japanese chicken curry; Jac had a sushi combination – left to right: salmon sashimi, seaweed, marinated octopus, cooked tuna and mayo mix, tamago (omelette), prawn, and pickled ginger. She really enjoyed the sushi and said she’d happily have it again another time. Out of this sushi selection, the only two that really appeal to me are the tamago and the cooked tuna and mayo mix. I’ve never been a fan of salmon sashimi or seaweed; I don’t like the smell or texture of octopus; and while I do like prawns, I can think of yummier ways to enjoy them. There’s just no lovely burstiness when the prawn’s been sliced this way. :)

Jac's sushi lunch

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