Welcome, Zoe!

I have some fantastic news! My new niece Zoe was born yesterday, 28 February 2009. She arrived a month earlier than expected, but she and her mum Ange are doing well. Big sister Ruby has met Zoe already. Ange told us Ruby brought along a soft toy for her new little sister, and seemed quite fascinated by her.

Baby Zoe, 1 day old

There are a few more photos for family to see at my Flickr account, including of proud dad and two of Zoe’s aunties (remember, you must be logged in).

While Jac and I were at the hospital today, Ange’s dinner arrived. As the meal attendant placed the tray on the little table next to Ange, my brother whispered, “Hey! You can photograph Ange’s dinner!” Heheheh. The funny thing is, in the car on our way to hospital, I’d said to Jac, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Ange got served dinner while I was there? I could photograph it for the blog!”

So this was dinner: chick pea and vegetable hot pot, with a slice of wholemeal bread with butter, apple juice and an apple.

Hospital food - chickpea and vegetable hot pot

I’m sure it tasted fine, but the chick pea and vegetable hot pot didn’t look particularly appealing to me! :) Ange ate her bread and butter but waited instead for her “real” dinner – my mum’s homemade tuna mornay, which Mum and Dad would bring along when they came to visit shortly.

Hospital food - chickpea and vegetable hot pot close-up

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