A birthday afternoon tea – Chez Jean Claude Patisserie

This is something I’ll definitely miss from my old job – birthday afternoon teas from Chez Jean Claude Patisserie with my now ex-team mates. A cup of tea, something sweet and decadent, chatting and laughing, and forgetting about the stresses of work for just a little while. This was workmate R’s birthday celebration. We’d seen him placing a white cardboard box into the fridge earlier that day and had been looking forward to our sweet break at around 2pm.

A box of goodies

The mini fruit tartlettes are always a favourite in any group.

Mini fruit tart

These were doughnutty-like buns, iced with dark chocolate, topped with white chocolate pearls and filled with creamy chocolate mousse.

Chocolate donut thing filled with chocolate mousse

The custard filled strawberry tartlettes always go quickly too. I love the sweet, chocolate-lined tart shell.

Strawberry tart

Icing and layers of pastry and custard – I love these, but they are so messy to eat!

My boss and workmate B love these mini lemon meringue pies.

Lemon meringue pie

This is what I went for first – the custard horn. You know something I really love, like really really LOVE? Fridge-cold creamy vanilla custard, which was what these pastry horns were filled with. I love custard-filled pastries (remember these cannoli? I think I need to eat a cannoli again soon!)

Custard horns

This chocolate cake was very good, but booby-trapped, leaving cocoa dust all over the front of SO’s shirt as she took her first bite. Chocoholics, be warned!

Chocolate cake

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