Teriyaki chicken and sushi cones – and a hockey injury

The food
I loved the sushi cone so much I had another for lunch the following week. Workmate J and I went into Perth city at lunch time to grab takeaway lunches from Jaws Temaki Myer again.

I got myself a double chicken lunch – a small teriyaki chicken and rice, and another chicken karaage sushi cone. One thing I like about this Jaws is they give you soy sauce in those fish-shaped screw-top bottles. The little fish-shaped bottle is much easier and less messy to use than those silver and green foil packets of soy sauce, which I always struggle to get open, coming perilously close to splashing my clothes every time.

Small teriyaki chicken and chicken karaage sushi cone

The teriyaki chicken from this Jaws was visibly less syrupy / saucy than the teriyaki from Jaws Mint, but it looked wonderful to me – just a perfect wall of sliced brown chicken skin. It was very tasty. There was a good amount of sauce soaked into the rice beneath the chicken, so I was happy.

Small teriyaki chicken

J had a small teriyaki chicken and rice too, along with a tuna mayo sushi cone. I didn’t think the tuna mayo mix looked that appealing, but according to J, it was very good.

Tuna mayo sushi cone

My delicious chicken karaage sushi cone. The battered marinated chicken with wholegrain mustard and mayonnaise is one of my favourite combinations of all time. I mentioned previously that these sushi cones are really not that easy to eat. Make sure you have a napkin or a plate or something that you can lean over to catch the bits of filling that fall as you dig in. And I definitely needed to use my napkin afterwards!

Chicken karaage sushi cone

The injury
Poor Jac copped a hockey ball in the forehead at last night’s hockey match. Don’t worry, she is fine – luckily, it was a deflection off someone else’s stick rather than the result of a direct strike. We sought medical advice and kept the lump on her head iced. There was no blood and she had none of the worrying symptoms you have to watch out for from head injuries (loss of consciousness, vomitting, extreme headache, weakness on either side of face, unequal pupils, slurred speech, fluids coming out from nose or ears etc. – none of those whatsoever). I checked on her every few hours as she slept last night – I even set my mobile phone’s alarm, so I’d wake up at the right times to make sure she was okay.

She no longer resembles a Klingon today (it was a pretty impressive lump – I know now why they are sometimes referred to as “goose eggs”!), but she’s now developed a black eye below where the lump was. At this moment, she’s relaxing in bed and watching a DVD while applying more ice to her eye. Apart from looking black and blue and puffy, her vision out of that eye is normal, and I reckon the eye’s actually looking better than when she first woke up this morning – so it’s all good. Nurse TFP will sign off now and see if her patient would like a cup of tea.

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