Afternoon tea with friends

On the same day as the family breakfast at Sizzler, I went to afternoon tea at my friend D’s home. D was one of my best friends from my now ex-workplace. She wanted to celebrate my new job (although she was sad we would no longer get to work together) and my PhD. Our great friend JL came too. I’d skipped lunch after my hearty breakfast, and was quite ready for some late afternoon eating.

I arrived first, and helped D bring the afternoon tea things out to the wooden table on the patio.

Afternoon tea for three

We had iced cookies and a very walnutty loaf. There was lovely soft butter to spread on the loaf.

Iced cookies and walnut loaf

D also put together a cheese, nuts and fruit platter, with seedless grapes, rockmelon, apricots and kiwifruit.

Cheese and fruit platter

We ate the cheese with cracked black pepper crackers (I also ate buttered crackers – yum). I’m not sure what the orange cheese was called, but I ate quite a bit of it – it was rather tasty!

Cracked black pepper crackers

It was a very relaxing afternoon, with tea (mostly drunk by me), wine (enjoyed by the other two), goodies to eat, lots of laughter, reflection and conversation.

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