Sizzler buffet breakfast

Those of you partial to breakfast posts should like this one!

On the last Sunday in March, we had the buffet breakfast at Sizzler with Jac’s family, to celebrate my and Jac’s nephew Max’s birthdays.

I was pleased to discover that you get Sizzler’s cheese toast at breakfast too! I know it’s nothing special, but it’s just so tasty!

Sizzler cheese toast

I took photos of people’s plates as they returned from the buffet. There are five plates shown below. I think after you look at them all, it will be obvious which one was mine. Plate 1:

A Sizzler breakfast plate

Plate 2:

A Sizzler breakfast plate

Plate 3:

A Sizzler breakfast plate

Plate 4:

A Sizzler breakfast plate

Plate 5:

A Sizzler breakfast plate

Heheheh, as I said – pretty obvious! :)

The people who ate the baked eggs wrapped with bacon were very disappointed in them, as the bacon had a plasticky texture and the egg was extremely overcooked and dry. Having eaten a horribly dry baked egg at a different buffet once upon a time, I knew to stay away from the baked eggs at this buffet. The scrambled eggs were creamy and moist and very good indeed. Jac’s favourite breakfast item was the savoury mince – beef mince cooked with carrots and peas.

And to my US readers who’ve voiced concerns at previous posts, don’t worry, the bacon is definitely cooked! This is how we eat bacon over here in Australia! :-D If you haven’t read it recently, check out my Breakfast at Etro post for discussion about the cooked-ness of bacon.

And below, my dessert course, with more potato gems (some of you will know them as tater tots – due to all the American TV I’ve watched I think of them as tater tots too, but most Aussies call them potato gems)! We don’t buy potato gems so don’t eat them at home, and you don’t usually get them with restaurant / cafe breakfast fry-ups, so I took my opportunity to eat many potato gems – and rather than get a separate plate for the gems and for sweets, I just plonked it all on one plate. :) Also on the plate was a pancake topped with syrup and cream, wobbly cold red jelly cubes, and apple crumble with more cream. The flavour of the apple crumble was nice, but 1) there needed to be more apple – it was mostly crumble – and 2) the crumble could’ve been baked a little longer for added crunch and goldenness. I’m not sure if it’s usually this way, or if the chef just made a bad first batch that morning? Maybe regular Sizzler-eating readers can tell me how the apple crumble should be?

My dessert plate (with a few potato gems!)

I left Sizzler feeling content*. For around $20 a head for adults, I was happy enough. Jac said she’d much prefer go to a hotel, pay more and get a wider variety of other items like smoked salmon, cold meats and cheeses, fresh fruit and stewed fruit (the fruit at Sizzler included tinned mango and floury-looking watermelon that was definitely not seedless!) – she preferred the buffet breakfast at the Parmelia Hilton, for example. Me, I reckon we should go out for buffet breakfast more often! Not every week, but maybe once every couple of months! That would be fantastic!

We arrived at 7:30am to ensure we’d get a table right away, and while there was a queue when we got there, we didn’t have to wait too long to be seated. Once that initial queue had been seated, the restaurant really wasn’t all that full, which was good. I love a good buffet, but it’s annoying when 1) there are hardly any people, so the food sits there and gets old or isn’t replenished / refreshed as regularly as it would be if it was being consumed at a faster rate, or 2) there are too many people, so you really feel like you’re queueing / waiting to get food, and people just get in the way as you’re trying to move along the buffet. This time, it was pretty good in terms of people – a steady flow but no long queues. Good for those of us keen to, ahem, pile the food on! Hey, it was a celebration after all, and I was the birthday girl! :-P

As usual, life is keeping me busy and I’ve fallen very behind, in terms of the delay between the eating and the blogging. I do apologise – I know some of you are waiting to see photos from particular events. I’m continuing to work through it all – it never stops, and neither do I – thanks for your patience and support. :)

*Yes, I did – thanks, James.

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