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Sizzler buffet breakfast

Those of you partial to breakfast posts should like this one! On the last Sunday in March, we had the buffet breakfast at Sizzler with Jac’s family, to celebrate my and Jac’s nephew Max’s birthdays. I was pleased to discover that you get Sizzler’s cheese toast at breakfast too! I know it’s nothing special, but [&hellip…

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Canning Show 2008

We recently took Savannah and Max, Jac’s niece and nephew, to the Canning Show. It’s a much smaller version of the Royal Show (see this post featuring Royal Show food), with all the usual things – showbags, rides, fairy floss and dagwood dogs. We didn’t go to the Royal Show this year; we’re due to […]

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I can’t believe I’d never been to Sizzler!

As the title says, I can’t believe I’m 32 and the first time I ever went to Sizzler was Wednesday last week. That place is so ME! It’s not fancy, but there’s lots to eat and I love buffets! Upon arrival we joined the queue and ordered main courses, which included salad bar, and paid […]

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