Canning Show 2008

We recently took Savannah and Max, Jac’s niece and nephew, to the Canning Show. It’s a much smaller version of the Royal Show (see this post featuring Royal Show food), with all the usual things – showbags, rides, fairy floss and dagwood dogs. We didn’t go to the Royal Show this year; we’re due to go next year.

It was a gorgeously sunny day, perfect Show weather.

Hope you're not afraid of clowns  Fairy floss

Sideshow alley  Showbags

Savannah was very excited to see a Sizzler stall at the Show. They were raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation – you simply made a donation in exchange for a couple of slices of freshly cooked Sizzler cheese bread. It was piping hot and tasted just like the real thing you get at Sizzler.

Sizzler cheese bread

We each had an ice cream cone – this was Jac’s strawberry. The kids had bubblegum flavour (not pictured).

Strawberry cone

This was my lemon gelato, which was smooth and tangy. Max tried it and then kept asking to have more. :)

Lemon cone

When I grow up, I wanna join the Pancake Police. Heheheheh.

Watch out for the pancake police!

There were animals on display as usual – guinea pigs and rabbits, mostly – and a stall devoted to koi. These were the biggest ones I’ve seen in a long time. Jac and I both said the same thing – “Shame they’re no good to eat” (so we’ve been told)!

Big koi

Of course, there are all sorts of rides, if that’s your thing.


There was a lot of screaming coming from the Nitro.


Jac and Savannah went on the Wave swinger, while Max and I watched from below. It took a long time for Jac and Savannah to get into their seats. As it turned out, a little old lady on the ride before them had been sick, and the ride guys had to get a bucket of soapy water and a brush to clean it up.

Wave swinger

Savannah and Max went on this dragon ride. It seemed like the shortest ride ever, though. The track isn’t very big, and I think it only went around 2 or 3 times.

The shortest ride ever

Jac and the kids all enjoyed slushies.


We checked out the art and crafts and tasted six different kinds of honey. We also looked at the baking – cakes, pies, muffins and so on.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves cake


I rather liked the look of those slabs of orange cake.


Lots of eggs on display, most with bright orange yolks.


A variety of jams and spreads – lots of lemon butter, it seemed!

Jams and spreads

This is what champion vegetables look like. I hope they taste good, too.

Champion vegetables

We had a great time. We returned to our place for a rest, snacks and a few hours with de Blob. Max absolutely loves that game and talks about it every time we meet. :)

Family can view the full set of Canning Show photos on Flickr, including some great ones of the kids.

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