Lunch at the Carillon Food Hall

On the Saturday Jac and I went into the city to find me a wedding outfit (we’d found Jac’s dress in a boutique in Mount Lawley earlier that week), we had lunch in the Carillon Food Hall.

While Jac looked for a sandwich or salad, I had two cravings to satisfy. First, a craving for something small and deep-fried. This curry puff did the trick, even though the filling was somewhat disappointing (a little dry).

Curry puff

My second and main craving was for a big bowl of noodle soup. This chicken noodle soup was exactly what I needed – thick egg noodles with pieces of succulent chicken thigh meat, bean sprouts and choy sum (Chinese green vegetable), in a delicious clear broth topped with chopped fresh spring onion.

Chicken noodle soup

The black stuff you can see in the soup is the fried shallots – somewhat overfried, or fried in very dirty oil – surprisingly tasty for something resembling oil slick babies! But I was very excited about the little cubes of fried pork fat. Crispy, golden, melt-in-the-mouth morsels of porky fat. I savoured the flavour of every one of these.

Fried pork fat close-up

Jac had a much healthier meal – a turkey, cheese and salad wrap from Muffin Break.

Turkey, cheese and salad wrap

I think the wrap wasn’t that satisfying, though – Jac kept drinking my delicious soup, and when she’d had enough savoury food, she went back to Muffin Break and bought an apple crumble slice to have for her dessert.

Apple crumble slice

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