Barbecue dinner with friends

Towards the end of March, we went to our friends S and D’s home for a barbecue.

I love grilled or barbecued haloumi cheese, so I was chuffed to see our starter dish cooking on the barbie.

Haloumi wrapped in prosciutto on the barbecue

Soon, we could hear the sizzle of haloumi turning golden-brown on the hotplate. It smelled great!

Haloumi wrapped in prosciutto on the barbecue

Haloumi wrapped in prosciutto

I ate the last piece of prosciutto-wrapped haloumi – lucky me! :)

Haloumi wrapped in prosciutto

To go with our barbecue meats, S made a couple of salads. First, this beetroot salad. Regular TFP readers will know I don’t like beetroot, so not surprisingly, I didn’t touch this salad. But Jac loves beetroot, ate loads of this salad, and loved it. From memory, I believe there was beetroot, carrot, and apple among other things in there.

Beetroot salad

S also made a spinach, pear, walnut and shaved parmesan salad.

Spinach, pear, walnut and parmesan salad

I did my usual thing of hanging around the barbecue / cook, so I could get some shots of the food cooking on the barbie. Here are the chicken thighs and hamburger patties.

BBQ chicken and burger patties

The last of the meats to go on the barbie were the marinated lamb chops. I didn’t just stand there snapping pictures and getting in our barbecue cook D’s way! We talked about my new job and mobile phones – he showed me his new Blackberry Bold. I’d been thinking about mobile phones ever since having a play with C’s new Nokia E71 at breakfast – and C, it was after playing with the Blackberry Bold that I made my decision to buy the Nokia (bought it the very next day!). Not that there was anything really wrong with the Blackberry Bold – it’s just that the E71 felt better in my hand in terms of size, and what can I say? I’m a true blue Nokia girl.

BBQ chicken, lamb chops and burger patties

By the time we sat down to eat, the light was fading fast. I grabbed myself a chicken thigh, a lamb chop and some spinach salad, squirted myself a blob of tomato sauce for dipping, and tucked in.

Chicken thigh, lamb chop, salad and tomato sauce

For dessert, I had a bowl of vanilla ice cream with fresh rockmelon, a very refreshing way to end a tasty meal. And it was lovely catching up with our friends, as always.

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