Sushi cone lunch

We got home early this morning and I’m all out of whack with time and sleep. I’m going through my holiday photographs and selecting the best ones for uploading to my Flickr account, and I’ll be writing up the holiday posts as soon as possible. Oh, and I will respond to your recent comments and emails as soon as I can too.

In the meantime, I’m still on the last of the East Perth lunch posts.*

Since I had an errand in town, I grabbed a takeaway lunch on my way back to work: inari sushi and a sushi cone. I’ve walked past this sushi cone place for years – Jaws Temaki Myer – and never tried it until this day. There’s a range of sushi cone flavours, including calamari with chilli mayo, raw tuna, tuna and mayo, teriyaki chicken and so on – quite predictably, I chose the chicken karaage cone. The chicken mix consisted of pieces of chicken karaage, mayonnaise and wholegrain mustard – so similar to the chicken mixes I make for sandwich bento lunches! The sushi cones are somewhat messy to eat – it tends to disintegrate the further you get down the cone – but the great thing about it (besides its yumminess) is the filling – in this case, the chicken karaage – goes all the way to the bottom of the cone, like a good quality ice cream drumstick! :-D

Inari sushi and a chicken karaage sushi cone

*For those of you who missed it, here’s the post where I mentioned my new job, which is not in East Perth. :)

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