Breakfast at Shots with C

If I didn’t blog, I’d have never met my friend C. As well as being a brilliant photographer, she’s my great “makan buddy” (“eating” friend). In my second last week at my old job, we met up for breakfast at Shots Espresso Bar (528 Hay St, Perth) and both ordered from the specials board.

C ordered the poached eggs, fried chorizo and rocket on toast, which came sprinkled with black pepper and an artistic drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Poached eggs, fried chorizo and rocket on toast

C enjoyed this dish, but did think her eggs would’ve been better a touch softer in the middle.

Poached eggs, fried chorizo and rocket on toast

I had the same dish as my previous breakfast at Shots – honey glazed ham, roasted tomato, rocket and brie on toast. There was more sliced brie under the ham, which melted down deliciously on the toast into a gooey, chewy and savoury layer. The tomatoes were beautiful – sweet and roasted so that they were softened but not cooked so much that they fell apart. I could still carve sweet tomato mouthfuls and spear them with my fork along with a bit of ham, rocket and cheese.

Honey glazed ham, roasted tomato, rocket and brie on toast

Here are my last two mouthfuls of toast, brie, rocket and ham.

Two mouthfuls left - toast, brie, rocket and ham

Whenever we’ve been out to breakfast before work, C’s been so full she’s turned down morning teas and hasn’t needed to eat lunch! This day was no exception. As for me, I would’ve struggled to eat morning tea – luckily there were none organised that day – but I had no problem eating lunch as usual. :)

Tomorrow is our last day of our time away, so I probably won’t have the time to post. I can’t wait to share the photos I’ve taken and tell you all about our holiday – it’s been great. :-D

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