Takeaway dinner from Poppo Korean and Japanese Restaurant

In the lead-up to my change of job and our holiday, we were both very busy and ate more takeaway food for dinner than usual. On one such occasion, I grabbed us takeaway from Poppo Korean and Japanese Restaurant in the city (137 Barrack St, Perth), on my way home from work. Jac told me to just choose the dishes and surprise her.

I decided to give a proper Korean dish a go – I must admit my experience of Korean food is far less developed than my experience of Japanese food – this is denjang chigae. You get a spicy soybean soup with tofu, mushrooms and vegetables in it, plus rice and a few side dishes.

Denjang chigae

Denjang chigae trimmings

Denjang chigae soup

Since Jac enjoyed Japanese curry when she ate it for the first time recently, I also got a serve of Japanese vegetable curry with rice. It was very basic – just cubes of carrot and potato with a couple of pieces of broccoli in the thick curry sauce, but still yummy.

Japanese vegetable curry and rice

I also got a teriyaki fish and rice, because I really felt like a bit of battered fish with teriyaki sauce. The sauce was very tasty, and soaked beautifully into the clumpy rice.

Fish teriyaki and rice

And of course, I got a garden salad too.

Garden salad

I must never buy food when really hungry, as I tend to over-cater. :) But it never goes to waste – we always eat our way through leftovers, and really enjoy them, too. Jac took the leftover denjang chigae and salad to work and had a great lunch the next day.

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